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Going Tribal?

USATODAY.com - Dean scream gaining cult-like status on Web For those of you who may follow political rantings, this one may just take the cake. Howard Dean, after his third place finish in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, let out a bizarre screech while pumping up supporters. It sound so strange it is almost tribal. Indeed our society, largely having rejected categories such as truth, goodness and beauty (what were long known in the West as the transcendentals) may be heading back into tribal behavior. Unguided, unbridled expression is almost a virtue today, while thoughts towards true virtue and goodness are quickly evaporating. We may again see a return to all sorts of savagery in the future of Western Civilization - lest the Lord of truth, goodness, and beauty may yet powerfully visit us once more. Such is my prayer...that believers, wherever they find their geographical or cultural domicile, may live lives of love reflecting the grace and glory of God found in our Lord Jesus Christ. Let our lights so shine in these strange and weary times. Soli Deo Gloria...