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Track Meet, Tennis Match and thoughts on Chesterton

This morning I wanted to reference an author I have been reading in the last week or two...GK Chesterton. Chesterton, a devout Catholic Journalist in England who stradled the 19th and 20th centuries. Chesterton was known for his wit, creativity, and keen understanding of the issues confronting his day. In many ways he saw coming what has happened in the west. The web site of The American Chesterton Society has a good subtitle that represents Chesterton well "Common Sense for the World's Uncommon Nonsense". Chesterton's writing is full of playful and wonderfully creative prose. He was also known to have a laugh that was utterly captivating. Chesterton understood the place that God rightly occupied in ones intellectual life...that without God, man's reason was unguided and would not lead anywhere at all. Why should one trust their reason to come up with things like "truth" or "beauty" or "goodness" if all of life was a morbid bumping of materials together. He saw that the understanding of our world would quickly disintegrate into all sorts of madness and all manner of obscurity once man rejected belief in God. In his book Orthodoxy he compares God to the Sun...you cannot look directly at it, yet without it one cannot look at anything. In prayerful submission that God might help us to see...by the light of his grace, with reason set aflame by the revealed knowledge of Jesus Christ. Off to a track meet and tennis match with Kayla and my good ole AIA buddy Danny "D" White...