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Grace, Glory, and the Empathy of the Son of God

Last night brought some news to our lives that we will be wrestling with in prayer for some days to come. It is well known that the world we inhabit is well worn with the brokenness of sickness, hardship, and pain. Yet again and again, as such things confront each of our lives we realize that something is very wrong with the world. As GK Chesterton put "This world is like a shipwreck, where we still see and sense the goods that survived the wreck" Our world is good, really good, but wrecked, really wrecked. As we think about how we sense the pieces which are at once good and glorious, yet falling apart I think of the goodness and grace of God and the promise of eternity. Does He care of our plight? Of our pain? Such is the question that each soul asks at the dark hour of midnight. Only in the incarnate Christ do we see a beautiful answer...The God who created all things good has entered the wreckage of this world - into our pain, distress and disease - to show us compassion and empathy. The dual nature of Jesus, the Son of God, the Son of Man - the only unique combination of divinity and humanity, wept in the flesh at the death of a friend. I believe the weeping Son of Man illustrates to us profoundly the utter certainty that the creator God of the Universe will again make all things good and new. Infinitely aware of the shipwreck at hand, he sees things as they will be - as they truly are. As finite creatures, we see now for a little while - a world of hardship, a world of pain...yet we must let the overarching background radiation of the goodness, grace and eternal decrees of God resonate as we face into our current struggles. Wait my bride, behold, a new day is coming...or as CS Lewis beautifully puts it "Aslan is on the move" A heavy yet rejoicing heart today, He is on the move, yet there are hard days ahead. Come Lord Jesus. I'm Out...