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A Different Wood

Today I walked in the woods by our house...I first walked among the trees and streams of this wood several months ago, in the humid roar of the summer months. It was a wood lush with green vines, overgrown paths, and spider webs cast on seemingly every tree. Today it was a different wood...gone were lush vines, the trees are in there fall metamorphosis, shedding their heavy greens for the coming sleep of winter. There was a fresh clarity of view, there were clearer paths, I could see the surrounding landscape - things just seemed to make sense. Perhaps a reflection of my own life - with its many cobwebs and uncertainties, with joy robbing barons which surround my heart. Excessive viewing of the square box, lack of solitude and thought, the schizophrenia of too diverse a menu of activity, ignorance of Holy Writ and the serious study thereof. Perhaps God is clearing these webs in my soul - much as the wood clears out from a tangled jungle of life. Life does have its seasons (Ecclesiastes 3) - and such is the make-up of wisdom to know the seasons of one's own soul. One thing is sure, I have many paths to walk - both in clarity and in tangled mazes. Another is certain - the captain of the ship knows the course - he will bring me to his desired ends, and in this truth, I live. God has no need of me nor his acquaintance with me of any great privilege to Him...but he does still call me to himself - and by his grace, I pray he may use me greatly in his church...In that hope, I simply pray. Out...