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For those who have prayed for our family over the last week or so, we wanted to say thank you. The Lord truly blessed the past week. I had a great time encouraging around 350 college students to "Take a God-centered life to the streets" - I spoke four times in three days hitting topics from Lordship, to Satisfaction, to Mission, and finally "Resistance Thinking" - a call to radical discourse (truth, understanding, intellectual rigor) and radical love (service, care for others, holding forth life with the poor). I felt priviledge to serve and encourage this group. After that weekend I spent a couple days with the Athletes in Action crew at Wake Forest University - there I encouraged the student athletes to find LIFE in God and to always keep the posture of a thankful receiver in life. Finally, I returned to Tennessee for our an informational gathering for Inversion Fellowship - our budding young adult minstry. We had a decent turn-out, laying the foundation for something, that by the grace of God, may be a signifcant movement for good in the earth. Time will tell. Returning home from the road was awesome - especially with reconnecting with Kasey and the kids - such a great thing to be a husband and a Dad to my little girls. I am thankful to be called to such roles - a joy to be loved by my ladies. Out...