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Spain PM-Elect Steps Into Controversy Over Iraq

Apologies for a brief step into the world of Western Civilization and Politics, but something is happening in Europe which in my mind is no good sign for things to come. Everyone has now heard of the terrible carnage wrought in Spain last week at the hands of terrorists...see Yahoo! News - Spain PM-Elect Steps Into Controversy Over Iraq The terrible evil of the destruction of lives at the hands of terrorists has shaken the Spanish people to the core. How did they respond? The current government which has backed the US in the war on Terror as well as in Iraq was sweeped from Power on Sunday for new Socialist leadership. Here is the thing that is almost unbelievable. The current government initially was saying the ETA (a domestic terrorist group) was responsible but suspicions rose as to the role of Islamic militants. As it continued to be discussed with links to foreign terrorists begining to emerge, the people suspected that the current political leadership wanted to hide the Islamic connection. The Spanish thought was that this could be reprisal for the Spainards role in Iraq. If this was the work of Islamic terrorists, then it must be because the Spanish were in Iraq. So what do the Spaniards do? They vote out the current government in favor of one who will pull out of Iraq. So here is what may be unfolding today on the continent.
  • Terrorists rock a country with a heinous and cowardice act of violence
  • That country thinks it may be becaues the terrorists are upset with the role this country is playing in Iraq.
  • The people vote out the government that took them to Iraq in favor of a new one which will get them out of Iraq.
Result - Hundreds of Spaniards are dead, terrorists have possibly influenced the politics in a western society by means of terror. The terrorists achieve a victory in having a country back away from a front in the war on terror. I have questioned in my mind that perhaps Europe neither posesses the worldview/philosophical/religious strength to oppose an Islamic afront on the continent - I never thought there would be evidence of such a direction so early in my own lifetime. I have spent much time in Europe and have been troubled by the utter lack of conviction about anything at all - how can such a civilization have staying power in such a turbulant and sinful world? I pray for revival of Europe - that the gospel may again quicken hearts and minds to the truth of Jesus Christ. If this does not occur, the Islamization of Europe, which was paused several hundred years ago, may yet again find traction in the spiritual and intellectual vacuum which is now Europe. Anyway, I hope I am wrong. Praying for Europe tonight. ...