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Who is God...

Today I am talking with some Athletes in Action staff about who God is...here are some of our thoughts answering the question "What are some thoughts which come to mind when thinking about God?" Some Ideas which - Groovy, All-Powerful, Grace and Mercy, Unlimited (Infinite). Psalm 78 - still pursues us even in our rebellion - faithful and patience. God is a refuge and help. Our Father - Love. Fearful and Awesome. Holy, Simple in Being, Immutable, Impassible, Loving, Incomprehensible yet Self-Revealing, and Glorious in all His Perfections. To Borrow a quote from Jonathan Edwards, He is an Admirable conjunction of diverse excellences. Morally Perfect in all he is and does. He is our Sovereign Ruler and altogether Righteous, ultimately radiating his glory outward provoking praise and joy in all that he has redeemed and in final fear and trembling to those under his just condemnation.