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Caring for a family in new lands

Kasey and I are in Tennessee land these days. We have moved and have been "close" to finishing unpacking for several days - just when we are almost there - another box surfaces. I am really praying for wisdom in loving and leading my family in these days. Kayla is doing great; all of life is an adventure for her. She is really enjoying having her Daddy around so much. I too am thankful to be with her so much. Ky hasn't adjusted well with the move throwing off her schedule - that has made the nights a little longer than they were in Virginia. It will be quite a while before Kasey has a new schedule with the girls so her life seems a little bit thrown for a whirl - she has been such a hard worker in getting the house together. She is starting to be a little hard on herself for not getting it all cranked out. We just need to live in grace with one another and the transition. On to bed time fun with Kayla...