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Another great day for the covenant of Marriage

July 24th was a great day rolled up into a great weekend. Kasey and I had the privilege (I always mispell that word) of doing a couple's challenge to two young people at their wedding this past weekend. One of the guys who was involved with our ministry at Va Tech for five years married a great girl - the cultural event in Louisa Kentucky this summer. The weekend was a great time to get away with my own bride for some great time in the car, some good down time away from our girls, and to serve together encouraging this young couple as they start their journey togehter. I was very proud of these two in the way they planned their wedding. It was extremely well done, but not excessive. It was nice for all the guests, but yet humble. There was a gentle and real spirit about the whole weekend - and the Lord was greatly honored. Nothing gives me more hope about the future than to see young people deeply comitted to the Lord and one another. I think they have gifts from God that will help them be on the positive side of marriage statistics. It was an honor to be a part of this wedding - a rich sense of satisfaction seeing the fruit of our ministry in a fine young man.