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A book I have no business touching right now - but it is good :)

With several papers looming from a summer class, with a new class finally crested onto the calendar (started a new on last week), I have no business picking up an unrelated book. But, alas, my amazon.com trigger finger did again get heavy this week and a little (well, maybe I should say large at 600 pages) showed up on my stoop. After having enjoyed George Marsden's book The Soul of the American University over Christmas break, I was even more excited to get to his new biography Jonathan Edwards - A Life (Yale Univesity Press). The new printing of the 2003 book in paperback sealed the deal and Amazon was up to the task. I probably won't finish this book for quite some time (hopefull I will, finish it) but finding an hour in it today was no disappointment. With Edwards studies growing and the influence of his thought surging through many in the current scene, reading about this life is of interest to me. A quick outline of this man's life is available here - http://www.yale.edu/wje/html/life_of__edwards.html. Out...