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One of the more ridiculous things I have read

Zondervan is hosting a Pastor's conf this year with a featured "Emerging Church Track" - I could not believe the quote I read commenting about the "Emerging" church.
"Is it a movement or a conversation? Is it dangerous or the church's last hope?"
Last time I checked Jesus was the eternal hope of the church. He is the author and perfector of our faith (Hebrews 12), he is our eternal faithful high priest (Hebrews 9 and Hebrews 10), he makes continual intercession for his people, not one of his sheep shall be lost, and all that the Father gives him shall come to him and be raised up on the last day (John 6 and John 10) What the heck could it possibly mean that the emerging church is the church's last hope? How is this not hype and marketing crap? The sickening man-centeredness of that sentence is beyond comprehension...especially talking about a movement which is abandoning penal substitutionary atonement, denying the reality of God's judgment of sin and sinners (and thereby making the work of the cross quite an unecessary event), and and presenting a weak, new age like, universalist, pacifist Jesus, that needs us to become "Postmodern" (however one defines this) or the church dies. Link - to the quote in context is found here Critical Concerns Courses | National Pastors Convention 2006 ...