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Baby Not on Board...

Intentional Childlessness - a sign of our times. In our day there is no shyness or shame when it comes to intentional self-centeredness and selfishness...such is our world where self is first in all things. A recent book by Jennifer L. Shawne is recruiting the world to not have kids.
Here is a description from Shawne's web site:
  • Do you think minivans are for losers?Do you secretly believe all babies look like squooshed worms?
  • Do you actively avoid eating at establishments offering complimentary crayons?
  • Does the thought of giving birth make you reach for the nearest martini?
  • Do you ever wonder - Why have kids when I could just have fun?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're ready for the wonderful world of unparenting. In Baby Not on Board (Chronicle Books), author and humorist Jennifer L. Shawne reveals what you can expect when you're not expecting, offering advice, wisdom, and support on topics ranging from throwing yourself an unbaby shower, coping with dreaded OPCs (other people's children), finding appropriate child substitutes for those innevitable weak moments, plus plenty of reasons why your life is perfect just the way it is.
Sure, having a baby is great, but NOT having a baby is really great. Congratulations and welcome to your fabulous childfree lifestyle.
If the world should take such advice the results would be catostrophic. In the malaise of predicted population bombs, consumeristic hoarding lifestyles, western culture somehow has bought into the idea that civilizations strength lies with the elimination of people. Less people means less ideas, less people to work, an aging population and shrinking revenue bases. Less people means that those who actually have kids, and their ideas and their civilization will cease to propogate and persist. What happens if Islamic fundamentalism continues to radically out procreate the secular west? We should watch Europe, a society which is not reproducing, with great interest in the next 50 years. Al Mohler is scheduled to appear tonight on the CNN news program Anderson Cooper 360 to debate Mrs. Shawne on the cultural phenomenon of deliberate childlessness ...