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The Question of Multiverse

I received the question on POC blog a while back - I thought it worth an entry:
Question Do you think God Created any other universes? If he could create this one in seven days I think he would have done several others? "Great question. THe hard part about the question of multiverse is that it is impossible for us to verify. Let me explain. Say God did create a bunch of other universes, lets for example say 10 of em. These universes would have their own space/time fabric, perhaps different physical constants etc. The problem is that we could have no knoweldge of them. We could not observe them because they would be uterly other. If God did create them, he would have to 'tell us so' because we could not infer them from this created universe. And to my knowledge God has not spoken in such a manner. 'Hey Reid, Universe ZENON is cool' - I have never heard anything like that from God - and if I did, I would think I was crazy before I believed it was God talking. What I do know is this - this universe has been created. Before it existed, prior to the big bang, nothing existed - then all things were brought into existence. So in my book, the cause of this universe must be: 1) uncaused 2) personal - decided to create 3)powerful and intelligent - well, look at this universe 4) timeless or eternal - for the creator existed before ther was any time - that is hard to even say - but 'before' here is metaphysically or logically before time. This God, visited this universe in the person of Jesus of Narareth (Read John 1) and revealed"