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Causation and Permission

Well, I was going to write a quick little ditty on the Sovereignty of God and its relation to evil in the world...but I am brain tired and it would probably just bum me out to come back and read what I wrote. It has been a topic on my mind of late - how does the perfectly, essentially good God rule over evil, yet not be the source origination of evil. It is a deep an interesting topic in both Theology and Philsophy of Religion. Some prefer to keep God as far away from anything painful or associated with the sufferings of this world - He has NOTHING to do with it as it were. But it seems to me that the more mysterious and worship inspiring view is that God, in his infinite wisdom, in his eternal plan and decree chose to conquer the suffering and evil in creation by entering into creation, taking evil and suffering upon his self -triumphing through suffering rather than in spite of it. Bruce Ware, in his book, God's Greater Glory has some interesting ideas of how God deals asymetrically with good and evil - directly causing the former while sovereignly decreeing the later to come through the actions of free (compatibilist freedom) creatures. More later on this I suppose... Out...