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Peru update III

The past several days have been a flurry with the team. The construction team continues to make progress priming and painting a metal skeleton which will become a future meeting place for a new church plant. The team working with the young school kids has shown a tremendous work ethic and creativity in engaging the kids. The International Apologetics conference started and remains strong. Each night has drawn between 600-700 people - a packed house. Last night was day two of the conference where Dale Fincher opened the night with a message entitled "using the mind to grow our lives" - it was a passionate appeal about the power of ideas in shaping the soul and how it is the truth of God that sets us free. After Dale's talk I gave a seminar on "postmodernism, relativism, and pluralism" - I set forth a definition of what we mean by "truth" and then answered several philosophies which deny we have access to truth - be it moral truths (moral relativism) or religious truths (pluralism). I finished with a presentation of the unique claims of Jesus of Nazareth and how he is changing lives and changing people through his gospel across the globe in every nation. It was a great evening. We received word from two guests that their non-Christian friends who came had placed their trust in Christ by hearing the preaching about Jesus being the truth that sets free. Dale and I did not give any sort of "call to decision" - there were no long alter calls - simply, the Spirit using his words about the uniqueness of Christ - the Messiah of God, and his ever bold and eternal statment "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me." Humbled and tired - but as our friend here Pastor Ricardo has said "it is a holy fatigue" We have two more talks tonight - Mike Vogt will speak on "APologetics in Evangelism" and Dale will address "Valuable Human Persons, cloning, abortion, and euthanasia in the 21st century" - please pray for this. In Christ Reid