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Shall we sell our birthright for a mess of faddage?

Phil Johnson has a pretty interesting blog on the current evangelical infatuation with "faddom" - you may not agree with all he is saying...but he has a point that Evangelicals are big with the following sort of thinking:
  • This is the next big thing
  • This book will change your life! (Usually it is not book whose author is God being referenced)
  • This is the "nth" wave of the Spirit - if we don't get on and ride it we will be Left Behind (sorry for the pun, it actually wasn't intended)
  • If we don't do x, y, z, or a, b, c - the Gates of Hell will prevail over the church
  • I just want to be cool like the world (I mean "we are becoming irrelevant" or which means "we are lost and damned, we are loosers)
Johnson's post is a bit lengthy, but an interesting take on things... .