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Do Short-term Missions Change Anyone? Part II

Part II of the Short Term Missions Dialogue over at Christianity Today...
"Even so, I would not conclude that such trips are worthless. Rather, I would still be impressed with the dramatic changes that temporarily occurred, and I would focus attention on the activities back home that churches must engage in to ensure that dramatic positive changes are sustained. A church that sends youth to Mexico, while ignoring Mexican immigrants all around, may be undercutting the very likelihood of sustained positive results in the lives of its youth. A church, on the other hand, which fosters the sorts of interethnic service and witness at home that it practices abroad may find that desired results in the lives of youth are more likely to be sustained over the course of time." Source - Do Short Term Missions Change Anyone? Christianity Today Online - http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2005/127/32.0.html, Accessed July 7, 2005.