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My Tech Autobiography - Podcasts, Nanos, and Two Preachers which God has Used in My Life

I must confess that ever since my parents bought me an IBM PS1 in 1991 I became a bit intrigued by the computer. In all honesty I was a late comer to the computer scene. I dinked around with old DOS word processors in high school, but the PS1 was my first computer - I was old by computer people standards, a freshman in college, late to the ball. Yet since that day I progressed quickly in the world of tech. I learned to program (which I am now forgetting slowly, like the sands falling from an hour glass), switched into an applied computer science degree, and had a bunch of fun. I enjoyed e-mail on Unix (elm/pine) used text editors vi and got lazy and went to pico. I have to admit that I am no hacker, probably fading away from the realm of power user. But when asked I always say "I know enough to be dangerous." Since the college days I have primarily applied my tech loves to the task of ministry. Taught myself HTML, hand-coded many web sites (fell in love with HomeSite along the way), learned rudimentary graphic design, designed databases, did some non-linear video editing (which I am embarassed by most of the videos, but usually people still liked my junk)... Most recently, I have enjoyed the blog world, XML, syndication, and now podcasts. I even just purchased an Apple product (more on this later). Now, the next few lines in my tech autobiography get invovled with what is very akin to religion - don't say you were not warned. In college I used DOS (mainly to run an obscure Turing Compiler), Windows and a bunch of Unix. On my PC, I began to despise Microsoft (which I called along with other CS types "Mikeysoft") and looked for a change. Thinking Mac's to be somewhat like toys, I switched to a OS/2 (yes, IBM had a goofy idea for marketing and branding - gee - OS/2 - at least they finally called version 3 "Warp"). To say the least, OS/2 never really took off and applications were had to find - so I finally limped back to Windows 95. Swearing Apple to be of infidel computer stock (really, Apple was not cool back then - I mean there was no Steve Jobs). Well, today marks an historic day - I just bought, yes, paid money for, an Apple product. Yes, an iPod Nano is on the way to our house.
I am still typing this blog on a Dell laptop - I don't think I am going to buy a Mac Mini, but it is cool - man, Apple has become cool - very cool again. I am perhaps most encouraged today by the fact that the teaching/preaching of both people whom I have been most influenced by Ravi Zacharias and John Piper, are both available via podcast (you can get them easily through the iTunes Podcast directory).
Ravi Zacharias John Piper
So let the teaching of the Word be flung through wire, air, and xml encoding - from the Spirit, through men, to an iPod. I still would love to be a true geek - even though today I am much less qualified. But I still speak a little Geek GP d- s: a r+++ C++ W++ M-(except iPod) b++ G-- .