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I Do Not Like Them Sam I Am - The Fluorescent Green Pig

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy ate roast beef. This littel piggy had none. This little piggy got genetically altered to glow in the dark. Hmm...maybe finally I can eat that food from my favorite childhood Dr. Suees book. My Mom would put food coloring in the eggs, we never could quite get the Ham part to work.
Transgenic organisms have some potential for doing good things for human beings. Already, genetically altered plants and animals produce human (yes, human, not animal) proteins for medicinal purposes. Some day the idea is to produce human (yes, human, not animal) organs grown inside animals for transplantation purposes (See Xenotransplantation, also know as xenografting). This science could be rife with dangers, but the research has promise if cautiously pursued with the proper ethical considerations. I'll post a post here soon about the ethics of xenografting... Link - Taiwan breeds transgenic, fluorescent, green pig - Yahoo! News ... ...