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Mark Driscoll's blog | Resurgence

Mark Driscoll has started blogging - sort of. It looks like a new cooperative network of evangelical theologians and pastors is forming who desire to hold to the historical gospel, engage missionally in culture, and get some cool hang time together if forming. Driscoll - thanks for not going down the Pelagian finger painting roads that many emerging people are slopping around in. My next generation sisters and brothers, get in the Resurgence and pass on emgergent. Here is the call...
As another generation comes of age, the Gospel of Jesus Christ must resurge to meet the needs of people and their continually changing cultures. The time has come for the church to move forward into the time and place for which God purposed us, and to meet our day with unchanging, vibrant, unabashed Truth.
Thanks for the capital T in truth - I feel you dog...praying for resurgence Link - Mark Driscoll's blog | Resurgence ...