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Repenting of Conference Lust

I want to repent. I am a goofball of a guy. I was sitting here bumming out because I would not be able to go to this conference in May because I will be taking a team to Peru to assist church planting and training Peruvians in Apologetics. Hello, Reid, Hello, knock, knock, Hello!?!!? I'm an idiot... Father, I repent of my selfishness and desire to be at a cool conference rather than rejoicing in your providential appointment to preach your gospel and defend the faith in Peru. May you ever burn in my heart a true heart of a servant. O sick pride be away from me and let me give the life you gave me in the service of your Kingdom on the earth. But if you are just sitting on your butt May 9-11 - register for this and go get equipped for service. Mars Hill Church - Reform & Resurge Conference 2006 ...