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This morning at the Pastor's

This morning at the Pastor's conference we heard from Michael Campbell of Redeemer Presbyterian in Jackson, MS. A multi-ethnic Christian community dedicated to the gospel. Passionate and uplifting, convicting and encouraging, provoking both prophetic discontent and blow stuff up and change zeal. A few highlights:
A church that does not see the influence of culture, black or white, in their church is probably enslaved to it There are two enemies to the multi-ethnic church:
  1. The Church Growth give people what they like and want paradigm
  2. The Pluralism Pardigm that exalts ones culture over the gospel
When the neighborhood changes, DON'T LEAVE!!! and run to the part of town that still looks like you
I highly suggest getting this message "The Multi-Ethnic Church" once it is out on MP3. A passionate pastoral plea to live the gospel with all peoples, now...not just in eternity.