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Why you should use Firefox 2.0

Much talk in the tech world has been of the release of IE 7 and Firefox 2.0.  The two giants of the browser world just were updated and released in the past few weeks. I have IE7 on my home computer and will say that it is a great leap forward for the Mikeysoft crew.  I could use it now if Firefox 2.0 didn't have such a cool new feature that really ain't new.  What is this indispensable feature? Inline spell checking for forms.  ALL bloggers will greatly appreciate this. 

For instance, I currently use Movable Type with Ajaxify which gives me a WYSIWYG interface for my blog entries (with round trip into the HTML code for when I need/want that).  Now with Firefox 2.0 I get inline spell checking in the entries by default, just from the browser. When misspelled words are recognized (real-time as you type), they are immediately underlined with the familiar red squiggle...If you right click on the underlined words, you will get a list of spelling suggestions in the pop-up menu.

This feature alone is such an aid to blogging that Firefox 2.0 is staying my default browser.  

Get it today.  It is free...