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POC Bundle - 10.7.2006

A small buffet of quick reading. 

The Church 

  • Darryl Bock on Emergent - It would great if Dr. Bock would learn some basic HTML like: <ol><li></li><li></li></ol> - you'll see what I mean when you read his post.  Even though it is presented as a big blob of text - he has very good things to say here.  I would only say that we should not shy away from sin/wrath when sharing Jesus with others.
  • Taylor provided several quotes on anti-intellectualism in the evangelical church - these quotes are awesome.  Continuing the crusade to convince young Christians that being stupid is not a virtue!  Thanks to the peeps at Inversion who are bucking that trend. (HT on these two - Justin Taylor)

Mars Hill Church in Seattle will begin its series on Jesus tomorrow. My guess is that it will be a series will with Christological rigor, apologetic value, reverant adoration of Jesus, and probably some red neck jokes. Additionally, Mars Hill is launching a new web site - you want to see what can be done on the web when you have a bunch of Microsoft geeks in church?  Go here.


Finally, there is a cool Zune page out there now Not that I am interested personally, but the Zune looks like it may have something to offer.