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Album Review - Flame Rewind

Of all the cultural art forms that are being plundered and put to service for the Kingdom of God, I think I enjoy hip hop the most. Many are probably unaware of these guys, but for the past six or seven years, Cross Movement Records has been putting out doctrinally sound, theologically driven, raw beats, tight flowing hip hop music to the glory of Christ. Their most recent release, Rewind, by Flame - is one of the best yet. The lyrics show deep theological reflection, achieve magnificently what Flame's web site describes as "Distance Discipleship", and have a flow and kick to the beats that is excellent. Flame's strength is flowing theological concepts in a flavor that will connect with the streets in a bold yet compassionate fashion. He addresses several issues that trouble the church - health and wealth gospel (see the Track Rewind) and even Sabellian Modalism (an error regarding the Trinity common in Oneness Pentecostalism of our day - See his Track - The Godhead ) In a very creative track entitled Context, Flame gives a great introduction to Hermenuetics, the art and science of Biblical Interpretation. Here is a sample from the lyrics:
The first task of the interpreter is called exegesis/(extra Jesus)/ naw I said exegesis man/ it’s a Latin word don’t be scared/ matter of fact I laughed when I first heard it too/ its spelled e-x-e-g-e-s-i-s/ guarantee you learn this process and you’ll be blessed
Then the hook (chorus) flows:
With this skill this should keep you from heresy/ and keep you from going through theological therapy/, the words of God will change your life/ if you Keep the text in its context
Verse 3 has a strong exhortation as well:
What you don’t wanna do is called eisegesis/(I see Jesus)/ naw I said eisegesis man/ you a silly dude its Latin too/ and that’s just the act of when your adding to/ or the process of reading one’s own meaning/ into the text and that’s just eisegeting/ don’t fret I know these words are new/ and phrases to/ but it’s cool to go back to school/ its spell ei-se-gesis/ guarantee you learn this process and God’ll be vexed/ a text can never mean what it never meant before/ to its original reader or author/ so if you run into a difficult passage and you know the Bible never contradicts itself/ then turn the pages to a parallel passage and just let the scriptures interpret itself
Not theological baby talk - but rolled out in a cultural flavor that many a young brother will here. Other tracks of note are Give us Da Truth Part 2, Sola Scriptura, and Racial Diversity. The CD also has a fun flavor being set in a radio show format. The "commercial" is really funny. He has stepped out and brought strong lyrics into some worlds which he will find some resistance. The health/wealth false gospel is killing the church; and Flames compassion for his our African American sisters and brothers in that movement comes through. Flame has given us a great gift - even to those who do not have ears to hear hip hop. And for those of us who do - ahhh yeah...Flame is kickin my iPod. He asks us "is that in the Bible" when false teaching is flowing in the World. For that I tip my hat to a brother. May the Cross Movement Tribe increase the raw beats and the theological meats. May the Lord bless all flavors of the movement of His cross. Including the one who has chosen throw back jerseys to sunday clothes. ...