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On Color

Appearances matter because God gave us eyes - which perceive color, textures, beauty. Now does color exist in things and present itself upon the soul? Or does the mind create color due to certain sensible light which reflects from the thing itself. I think both - making Aquinas and Locke Kiss :) The thing itself does not "exude" color as once thought, but it does have certain properties in itself which absorbs or repels certain wavelengths of light. These are perceived by our eyes and brains and so we experience "orange" - So a modern and premodern view of color can be perhaps reconciled. The thing does have a property of "color" but we can describe the whole process a bit more with the tools of modern understanding. Now, the postmodern view of color? A Postmodern View - Well, since there are color blind people, and people can see different colors trippin on LSD...well, there is no color, only that which you experience. And this is true for you and you can drive that way if you like. Wait a second, you better stop at the red light!!!