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ESV Apologetics

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Most of my friends know me to be a very bold and compassionate ESV evangelist.  In the halls where I live, work, and play I have been known to respond to the question "What translation of the Bible is that you are using?" with answers such as "The best English translation available, what else..."  Now that I have been evangelizing for the ESV for some years, not pushy or preachy of course, I now have seen someone doing excellent ESV Apologetics

Evangelism and Apologetics should ever be married in one effort, so it is great to see my brothers doing such a wonderful job defending and offering great insight into the translation of the ESV.

Anyway, I love the NASB and came to faith with the NIV...but would recommend stearing a bit clear from the TNIV.

For those interested, Daniel Wallace provides a great guide to the history of Bible translations over at Bible.org.  Just be aware, Wallace is an evangelist as well...for something known (well, mostly unknown) as the NET Bible.  No wonder, he is a freaky smart Greek scholar who is one of its translators.

Now, if you are looking for a great Bible translation that is accurate, readable, great to memorize, beautiful (O for the beauty of the Psalms), and usable at all ages....well, don't ask me for any other recommendation but the ESV.