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The Problem of Goodness - Rejoicing in a Kind Providence


Many an atheist has shaken a loaded fist towards the heavens about the problem of evil.  God, how could you allow such suffering in this world if you are good and powerful?  In moments of existential angst, many attempt to deny God's existence while railing againsts this same "non existant" being. Yet the problem assumes a real distinction between "good" and "evil" as many have pointed out.

Though many are quick to ask "why evil" not as many are as quick to ask "why all the goodness?"  I have asked myself this question today.

Over the years my wife and I have experienced six miscarriages; five before we had any children at all.  After the first few I asked myself the question: Is God good and satisfying even if he does not give us children?  By his grace I was able to answer a resounding yes!  Then, for reasons of God's choosing, we had two beautiful little girls; Kayla and then Kylene. 

A few months ago we found out that  we were pregnant with baby #3.  We cautiously rejoiced and taught our oldest (Kayla, 4) that some babies make it to this world while others do not; we need to pray and hope this one will make it.  So I asked myself one more question: Is God good and satisfying even if he does not give me a son, and fills my house with an all female squad?  By grace, I was able to answer with a resounding yes!  Then today, for reasons of God's choosing, we saw some amazing pictures on an ultrasound screen.  We are pregnant with a little boy, man, wrestler (if he wants)...son.  Why? I don't know.  But I sensed and rejoiced with joy unspeakable today.  Not so much that I am having a boy.  But more that God would give us this gift.  I did not need it, I did not really ask for it as much as one would think (though I did pray here and there), I only know that I was so overwhelmed and touched deep in the gut with joy today...at the goodness of God.

Why would he be so good to us?  I don't know.  He is who he is.  There is a problem of goodness.  Joys unexplained and gifts so rich; we dare not miss them because of our travails.



O to the Gracious Father of Lights
From Whom Every Good Gifts Comes
Give Grace and Peace to Receive Thy Joy
From Thy Divine Benevolent Love.