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Minister and "Sexologist"

One of my good buddies who is a student at Vanderbilt, attended a most interesting lecture Tuesday night by a woman who is a "minister and sexologist."  His comments on the evening are insightful and pithy.  And here at Power of Change, we love both insight and pithiness:

So tonight the CG indeed went to hear the sexologist speak.  If you're tremendously bored and can't find a cordless drill to bore into your head, you can read her blog (http://debrahaffner.blogspot.com/).  The really interesting thing about her talk was not the outlandish things she said (in support of abortion, homosexuality, etc.), but the fact that about 15 minutes in I looked at Brett and made the comment that she had started with much of the same stuff you said on Thursday.  Sex is good; it's created by God, for a reason; sex is not merely for procreation, etc.  It's so interesting how much damage the church has done.  The people in the crowd bought the early stuff (that we probably would agree on), and they ate it up so much that they followed her as she went to some very wrong and stupid places.

On a slightly different note, Ben and I have this curmudgeonly philosophy professor, who actually believes in things like absolute truth.  He made the statement that in the absence of truth, there is only power.  That, he says, is the basis of feminism.  There is no truth; therefore, there is no equality, just power.  That seemed to be the underlying reality of her talk.  There is no truth in the Bible or in religion (or anywhere else), so it's all about imposing our agenda.  She made the statement that for the sake of "sexual justice," religious "progressives" need to reclaim the Bible, and reclaim the debate, and, finally, reclaim God.  I almost made a comment to her about how God is not to be colonized in that way.  He doesn't get claimed, or tamed, or whatever the heck else these "sexual justice" folks want him to do.  God claims us, and the terms of claim are stated in the Bible.

One last note:  she used a hilarious hermeneutical method when she talked about the parts of the Bible that disallow homosexuality.  This is near quoting: "In the Bible, and in the entire Judeo-Christian literary tradition, when something was important, they said it over and over.  If they only said it once, that doesn't mean anything."  YIKES!  So if the Bible only says it once or twice, it's just a joke?  Wow.  Great job, Deb.  Thanks for the talk.

 Tim, I'm glad we are on the same team...