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Judas Snakes


Last week it was the gospel of Judas, but this week we have Judas Snakes.

Skip Snow, a 54-year-old veteran wildlife biologist with the U.S. National Park Service, has a problem. Burmese pythons, released by pet owners into the everglades over the last several decades are breeding in the wild and eating everything in sight. The park service is working to control the population through several interesting methods. One mentioned below is something calledJudas Snakes. Oh Judas, you just can't get a break!  These are snakes who betray their own - which is more in line with the Judas of the 1st century biblical gospels than the pseudo savior of the 2nd century gnostic gospel of Judas.  Here is the quote featuring Mr. Snow's labors to fight the pythons.

He recently experimented with a beagle puppy nicknamed "Python Pete," using him to ferret out the snakes and said he also had some recent success with "Judas snakes" -- using pythons implanted with radio transmitters to track down other pythons.

Full Link here: US biologist battles killer pythons in Florida park.