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Greg Koukl on Da Vinci

I have been reading and researching for a flurry of Da Vinci Code talks I will be giving at our church, at Universities, and for a large conference in Apologetics in Peru.

I had been waiting for Greg Koukl's piece on the Da Vinci code as I find him a clear and helpful author in these type of matters. Once again, Koukl does not disappoint.  He handles the relevant issues without shrouding them too much in the scholarly murk that can accompany such things.  He also gives good points to help us engage real folks about these matters; something we should encourage.

Too often, we are looking for a fight in our apologetic, rather than seeking to love, help, and persuade a friend.  Even worse many engage in imagined debates with "skeptics" by reading books and blogs but never really hanging out with anyone who has questions or who does not share our faith.

Koukl's tone is right on in this. Talk to someone.  Use Wisdom.  Be Knowledgeable.  Have Character.  Engage people, don't just argue with them... 

Here is a link to the current issue of Solid Ground, a great equipping piece surrounding Da Vinci code stuff.

Link - the Da Vinci Code Cracks