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What Should Mom by Paid?

There is a great article on Salary.com about the calling of being a "Stay at Home Mom." In our society Mom's can be berated by those who think it is a disgrace to be home with the kids rather than building the career and making the big bucks. I was really encouraged by the positive tone of the article as well as the interviews with real live stay at home Moms.

Many such as USA Today are making a big deal about the articles salary calculation for Moms - and I would only say they pay calculated is far too low. But as many know, you cannot measure the value of a Mother's example, love, instruction and yes discipline of children.

More than anything both articles indicate that intelligent, professional, trained, and highly competent women are turning to their children rather than trying to be Mom and CEO at the same time. More power to the one trying to do it all. But I am encouraged by our generation's desire for family and home rather than simply "me and money." As a man married to a brilliant, educated, talented woman - who is leading our children at home, I cannot say how I marvel at my wife...So I will go ahead and say it: Kasey, I love you, you are awesome! I can't wait to see all that God will do in and through your life...As a mom, in different jobs, service and callings.

Here is the link to the Salary.com pieceSalary.com™ Careers & Jobs by Location and Category