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Peru Update II

In the last few days in Peru we have been teaching a major Apologetics Conference in Comas.  The nights have been fun but filled with content.  Each evening has a plenary address associated with the Da Vinci Code and the Historical Jesus.  Then we have done practical seminars to assist the Peruvians in using Apologetics in their efforst to share the gospel with their friends.

Here is our line-up:

  • Plenary 1 - Decoding the Da Vinci Code - What is the Truth about the New Testament Gospels
  • Seminar 1 - Sharing Christ with Unbelievers
  • Plenary 2 - The Real Jesus
  • Seminar 2 - Scientology a Newly Created Religion...Identifying Cults
  • Plenary 3 -Jesus is 10 Times Better than the Da Vinci Code (The young adult ministry at the church in Peru is called "10 Times Better")
  • Seminar 3 - Understanding the Gnostic Gospels

Last night I spoke with a man who had been visited recently by Mormon missionaries. He had begun attending the Mormon Church here in Lima, Peru and he was enjoying the teaching.  Unfortunately, they have been teaching him very simple things witholding most of the Mormon teaching.  He was very surprised by what the Mormon church actually teaches and is not reconsidering joining this religion.  I am reminded how many groups do not tell people the strange aspects of their beliefs until someone is very deep in the group.  This is unfortunate, but I am thankful I was able to share with this guy last night - pray that he will examine things thoroughly before making an uninformed decision. 

We wrap up the conference...

Additionally, we went on television today for a lengthy interview about the issues which arise from the Da Vinci Code.  After  racing through the streets of Lima Peru in what seemed to be a psycho cab driver's car, it was great to arrive at the TV station alive.  You would not believe how the cars drive down here.  I felt like we were going "3-wide" in a two lane road way too often.  The TV interviewit was a great opportunity; it went very well with the network being very pleased with the outcome.

I need to get ready for our upcoming meetings this evening.  Thanks for praying for us.