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Brian McLaren's Kingdom Come

Here is a review of Brian McLaren's most recent book...I think he has punted to the gospel.

To the writer of the review I would only add: "Missional" is only a description of one "on a mission" - a word to describe the life lived by one who is a missionary. Missional Christianity is one who is sent in gospel mission into the world. It is not antithetical to preach the gospel of the salvation of sinners AND reach out to serve the least of these. One need not compromise the gospel to care about issues of justice. Preach the true saving work, death, ressurection of Jesus - to all. And that means in the cities, with the poor, in the suburbs, in all places and cultures that God sends his people. But I agree - I think McLaren has gone out to lunch long ago. His message is just neo-Liberalism with a gospel devoid of the saving power of the Cross. We preach Christ and him crucified...doctrine and mission are not at odds - they ought be forever married in the church.

Here is the review: The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren :: Book Reviews