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Beer, Baptists and Rock and Roll

Not coming to faith in Christ until I was 19, I really don't get some of the stuff that seems to captivate people in some churches.  I guess as cultures shift and move some people just get all shook up.  Well, here are a couple of interesting reads:

First, is an artitcle about a non religious authors research into "Christian Rock" - You can find that here: The Kingdom of Rock Is at Hand

Second, is about the Baptists and Booze.  Note, I am not a Southern Baptist, but I do attend a Southern Baptist seminary as an extension student...and no, I would never drink on the campus! It is against the rules.

There are couple of relevant links you may want to check out. One from the Raleigh News and Observer entitled Baptist dogma: Avoid alcohol - Some Baptists find no biblical basis. Here are a few little ditties from the article:

At their annual meeting this week in Greensboro, Southern Baptists again took a stand against alcohol. A resolution talks of "total opposition to the manufacturing, advertising, distributing and consuming of alcoholic beverages.

Indeed, Southern Baptists have a tradition of reaffirming their opposition to alcohol. In the denomination's 161-year history, it has done so in 57 resolutions, most recently in 1991.

If that leads to buffudlement and head scratching, then check out Justin Taylors post on the SBC and Alcohol.   It sounds like one could get a cold one with Taylor. 

Is this Bud for you? Or not?