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The Coming Future of Pride

11 The haughty looks of man shall be brought low,
and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled,
and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.

12 For the Lord of hosts has a day
against all that is proud and lofty,
against all that is lifted up—and it shall be brought low;

Isaiah 2:11,12 

This morning I was reading the ancient words of the Hebrew prophet Isaiah.  I stopped and paused in chapter two when the day of the Lord, a day future where all the sins and evil of the world, will meet pristine justice.   

So often in our world we are told to make much of ourselves.  Have "self" esteem - think highly of yourself, love yourself etc.  It is a strange thing to read the Scriptures with such a self obsessed world in view.  In my own heart my self importance is overestimated and wrongly ascertained.  How will God act in the face of human pride and exaltation?  Of a human creature's silly obsession with the mirror and the creations of his own hands?

  • His looks will be brought low - he will not strut cocky in the face of God
  • His pride will be humbled - his self-glorification will come to utter ruin as quickly as MC Hammer's fame and fortune.
  • He will see that God alone will be exalted - all the silly celebrities, heads of state, athletes, luminaries, will look as mice as the Lord will show forth his majesty.
In that day, the day of the Lord, those who long for justice, for the revelation of God, to see him and worship him in spirit and in truth...that day will be a day of rejoicing and marvel.
Yet in the time we have called today - we need to heed the final words of Isaiah 2 - especially in America - for we are a prideful, indulgent, self-centered people.
Stop regarding man
in whose nostrils is breath,
for of what account is he?
Seek the Lord while he may be found, call on him while he is near...today is a good day to seek humility, to humble ourselves, to confess pride, to seek God's grace before that coming day.