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More than meets the eyes...


Yes, there will be a blast from many of our pasts here in the next year.  The autobots and the decepticons will be launching into a full big screen production in July of 07.  As a kid I jut loved the transformers and this movie looks to be a treat for sci-fi geeks.

We love things that change - a truck that can turn into a robot super hero.  An evil dude that turns into a big gun, airplanes which flip and change into upright robots.  I think we all want to be transformers - we all want to be something that we are not.  Or we want to be in reality more than we appear to others.  The best kind of transforming happens when people are changed...

I can still hear the song in my head from when I was a little dude:

Transformers, more than meets the eye,
Transformers, robots in disguise. 


I'm not certain I will be around in July 07, but if God still has me here I will be glad to see the transformers on the big screen next summer.