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Listen up young folks...

For all those young folks out there who have been through the crazy world of marriage, divorce and troubled lives...and who do not want to walk that path yourself. There are some good findings you need be aware of over at Rutger's University's National Marriage Project

Ten Important Research Findings on Marriage & Choosing A Marriage Partner

Specifically, all those who think "you gotta try before you buy" are just plain spinning nonsense to themselves. Cohabiting does not make for a better marriage - it is hazardous to future matrimonial success.

6. Living together before marriage has not proved useful as a "trial marriage." People who have multiple cohabiting relationships before marriage are more likely to experience marital conflict, marital unhappiness and eventual divorce than people who do not cohabit before marriage. Researchers attribute some but not all of these differences to the differing characteristics of people who cohabit, the so-called "selection effect," rather than to the experience of cohabiting itself. It has been hypothesized that the negative effects of cohabitation on future marital success may diminish as living together becomes a common experience among today's young adults. However, according to one recent study of couples who were married between 1981 and 1997, the negative effects persist among younger cohorts, supporting the view that the cohabitation experience itself contributes to problems in marriage. 

So kick out that nappy head boyfriend of yours and drop that week shackin up schmack! Men who take all the benefits with no commitment are little boys masquerading as men...get rid out that kind of chump. Men, get your game together, get a job, serve someone else through the church so that you will be worth marrying some day. I have hope for you guys.