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POC Bundle - 8.1.2006


General News - In further weirdness on the "marriage front" - you need to check this out. Last year I read about a French woman who married her snake.  Now all of this is getting a formal presence.  At least in the weird worlds of cyberspace. MarryYourPet - The pet and people wedding specialists

This quote is a classic:

On this website we often refer to pets as 'he'. We want you to know that we're not sexist, girl pets are great. We're just lazy typists.

Gee, I was worried they were sexist...actually, you are marrying your stinking pets!!! I think being sexist is the least of the problem.  Now, if you hold that "marriage" is socially constructed without definition by God...how they heck can you argue against marrying your dog?  One simply cannot.  I hope and pray that we do not continue to stoop into such lunacy.


Technology - Speaking of weird weddings.  Check out this wedding of some techno-Swedes.  Interactive Wedding Clothes



The Church - Andrée Seu has a great article over at World about churches that plant other churches as part of their DNA.  The title says it all to me: Slouching toward the comfort zone: Do our churches want to be Acts Normal or American normal?  Here is the link - WORLD Magazine | Weekly News, Christian Views