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Transition Coming - Good News

Unless something has changed in the last few hours, Thomas will transition out of the NICU this evening to a regular postpartum hospital room with Kasey.  We will spend the night there with him and then, God willing, we will leave the hospital in the morning and bringing Kasey and Thomas to their tempoary quarters for the coming month.

Kasey and I are weary yet thankful and God has revealed much to us in these days. I am realizing that I need to be disciplined now about sleep and rest. My body is breaking down a bit with headaches today…

Kasey is doing as well as can be expected - she is focusing on her health and caring for the baby.  We are utilizing video to send messages back and forth from her to the kids and the kids to their Momma. 

As to Power of Change Blog, I will be resuming more regular blogging here in the next few days.   Thanks guys for all your encouraging notes.