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First Lullaby...

With each of our kids I have written (well, more like orally made up) lullabies to sing while holding them as little babies.  It has been part of being a Dad for me.  I have found making up songs to teach the girls a fun endeavor as well, but that is another story.

Well, Thomas' (Tommy Reid) first Lullaby just came out in the last couple of days. 

Verse 1 

Tommy Reid, We Love to Sing
To Sing of His Beauty, In Ev---rything
To Sing of the the Glories of the Great I AM
To Tell His Great Story Throughout the Land 

Verse 2 

Tommy Reid, We Love to Sing
To Sing of His Greatness, In Ev---rything
To Sing of the Passion of the the Living Lamb
To Bring His Compassion to Every Man 

[Repeat...Often for a very long time]

Thomas is doing much better now and I am currently fathering a multi-site family for the next month.  We are one family, meeting in two locations, thanks to the friendly chickenpox. 

To God be the Glory in Little Thomas' Life, May he be used greatly in this world...