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A few papers up at Resurgence

Over the past few months a few of the papers I have written have gone up on The Resurgence. My page is here.  Warning - some of the papers are geek material...

Gary Shavey, another former Athletes in Action staff dude is leading the resurgence and it has been fun reconnecting with Gary around the Resurgence vision. On that vision, I think it is pretty cool stuff:

means to rise again, or to surge back into vibrancy. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ must resurge in every generation to meet the needs of people and their continually changing cultures.

Missional means that we believe Jesus Christ is on a mission to seek and save people, change their lives, and transform their cultures. Because of this we believe that Christians, Christian organizations, and Christian churches exist to join Jesus on His mission by immersing themselves in whatever culture Jesus has placed them.

Theology means that we believe that personal and cultural transformation is only possible by meeting the living Jesus Christ of the Bible through His gospel. Because of this we believe that culturally accessible mission also requires biblically faithful theology.

Cooperative means that we believe a team of missional theologians working together as friends and peers, sharing ideas, and correcting errors is the best way for learning to occur. Because of this we are a network of various Christian leaders, ministries, churches, and networks seeking to work together in providing the most culturally effective and biblically faithful missional theology.

There is a really fun missional, theologically driven, Jesus team forming in pockets all over this land.  I think it is a good place to stand.