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Some Fine Satire from Russell Moore

Russell Moore has a funny little commentary on the TNIV being the official translation of Relevant Magazine.  I found this to be fantastic little weave of satire and wit.   If you are a huge TNIV fan (I'm not) and can't laugh you may not like this.  But I think whether you are über-Relevant or a 1950s pipe organ player you will get a kick out of this.

We know CS Lewis would not be allowed to be a Southern Baptist pastor (the moderate beer drinking thing), but he sure wrote, according to Moore, a great "early screenplay for The Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia movie that provided the context for Saturday Night Live's "Lazy Sunday" skit." 

If you have never seen Lazy Sunday it has been everywhere for a long time...and it might indicate you are not really with it.

My only edit to Dr. Moore's post would be to adjust his urban venacular in the final line. I would change it to: "Its all about the Benjamins, baby!" as this phrase is a bit more relevant.  See Urban Dictionary.  Or perhaps they knew this and used the "All about the Hamiltons" phrase on purpose to poke at sounding cool.  If so, the post is more masterfully written than I previously thought.

Touché! Dr. Moore.  Thank you for spurring the gift of laughter in the church.