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I just recently rewatched the movie Glory with Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman.  I wept way too many times as issues of race were so much on the forefront it was a bit overwhelming.  Two quotes really struck me.  The first by Broderick's character, the second by a soldier in the 54th regiment, the first all black regiment in the Union army of the Civil war.

Upon taking a mission which will mean heavy casualties, and the observation about the level of rest his men have received, the Colonel states following:

There's more to fighting
than rest, sir.                   
There's character.                  
There's strength ot heart.

You should have seen us
in action two days ago.              
We were a sight to see.                   
We'll be ready, sir.
When do you want us?

If more of us could show up like this everyday of our lives.  My question is for all of us is this.  Can we say that we'll be ready...when our time comes to love, serve, and give our lives for others.

The second quote showed the passion, hope, and readiness seen in a soldier who was very simple in his understanding of the world and what was before them the night before a great battle. This took place at the fireside prayer meeting the night before they would fight.

Tomorrow we goin' to battle.

So, Lordy, let me fight
with the rifle in one hand...
and the Good Book in the other.

That if I should die
at the muzzle of the rifle...
die on water or on land...

I may know that You,
blessed Jesus Almighty, are with me.
With Jesus!
And I have no fear. Amen.

May we face all of our battles, be they big or small, in like manner.  Without fear.  I pray that as we continue in our struggle for racial justice in our country that we would give up our comforts, our own proclivities so that we may serve others who are different than we.