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A Week in Blacksburg...


This week I have been in Blacksburg, VA - our old stomping grounds for a week with friends and ministry.  Ravi Zacharias spoke here on Tues/Wed evenings and his associate Joe Boot (I liked Joe Boot) lectured at a faculty/staff/grad student luncheon on campus as well as a gathering of campus and local ministry leaders on Thursday morning.

A few of the highlights from the week:

  • Good attendance: 2500 students (pretty packed), staff and faculty attended Tuesday night at Burruss; about 5000 on Wednesday at Cassell; full venues for Joe Boot both on Wednesday and Thursday. Over 1000 response cards received.
  • One of the pastors reported that he prayed Tuesday night with a student who had been attending a campus fellowship for a couple of years but had not committed himself to Christ. He did so Tuesday night after Ravi’s message.
  • A muslim-background student from the mideast attended the forum because just prior to his coming to America a friend in his country had given him a copy of one of Ravi’s books.
  • Julie, a student, invited a classmate to attend Ravi’s Tuesday night address. They went together and the friend was so impacted by what Ravi said she asked Julie if they could go again on Wednesday. The friend heard what Ravi shared the second night, then they attended the last part of the CRU meeting together. Afterward, Julie clearly shared the gospel and asked her friend if she wanted to trust Christ and begin the relationship of purpose and love that Ravi had been speaking about. Her friend was eager to do so. They prayed together and the friend trusted Christ Wednesday evening.

I also enjoyed spending about an hour with two chemistry grad students discussing Jesus and the New Testament.  Guys, if you read this, a paper on the Gospel Literature and some of the things we disucssed can be found here.  Drop me a comment if you do.

It has been a great week with friends and we have some dinners with some folks tonight and tomorrow and then preaching at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship on Sunday.