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Opinions of Government

Not that polls mean much but I can across one this morning that seems indicative about American's views of their government.  Personally, I often feel more purple than Red or Blue and don't hear much vision in the politics of the West.  Anyway, we don't do much politics here on the POCBlog, but this did match some things I feel about things today.

A quick excerpt:

The dismal assessment of the Republican president and the Democratic-controlled Congress follows another month of inconclusive political battles over a future path in Iraq and the recent Bush veto of an expansion of the program providing insurance for poor children.

The bleak mood could present problems for both parties heading into the November 2008 election campaign, Zogby said.

"Voter turnout could still be high next year, but the mood has turned against incumbents and into a 'throw the bums out' mindset," Zogby said.

Here is the link: Voters unhappy with Bush and Congress