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Renewable Energy News...

BusinessWeek has a couple of interesting articles on renewable energy sources.  The first is about China's investment in wind and other technologies which are growing at a massive rate. The second is about processes to create biodiesel from certain types of algae...the title is pretty pithy as well - Here comes pond scum power.

In the same vein I saw a new wind turbine design that looks pretty interesting if it actually works.  It is called the Maglev wind turbine - see graphic below and click here for a description  of a company who is actually working on this.

There will be a day where we will not be a world dependent on petroleum resources for energy.  Some people will also get rich in the process of developing and deploying new technologies...economic opportunity and environmentally friendly sources of energy sound like a good marriage to me. 

As one who is moving to NJ next year, this one sounds cool, but perhaps a bit far fetched.