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Sad thing to see...

A friend showed me this video yesterday and to be honest it just made me sad.  Well, first it make me want to puke, then made me a bit angry, then it brought me sadness.

It is from a church in Georgia, I don't know the preacher and I believe the people there are likely well intentioned and desire for others to understand the message of the Bible.  This sermon was an introduction to a series entitled "Bling" - to talk about our culture's obsession with stuff.  But as I watched I saw a church surrounded by stuff, talking about "the worlds" obsession with stuff.  Additionally, I grew up very much in African American culture and I felt this to be very inauthentic and a bit over the top.  

Just a lesson of where a church, trying to be "cool", becomes very very far from being cool.  In fact, this is inauthentically as uncool as I have seen from the "cool church" crowd.  Plus, this little show looked like it probably cost a little bling to teach people about bling.

Here is the video - pull the slider to the 20min mark and let it go for a minute.  And then, if you are a pastor, promise sweet Jesus you will never do anything like this.  Or maybe I am overreacting...what do you think?