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Youth Groups and Pizza

Ed Stetzer, director of Lifeway Research, recently published reasons why young folk leave church after age 18.  Here is an excerpt from the Christianity Today snippet.

Well, Lifeway Research (Southern Baptist) says they know the reasons why 70 percent of 18-year-olds who attended church regularly in high school quit by age 23: they don't like it.

The reasons cited?

  • They wanted a break (27%)
  • Church is too judgmental (26%)
  • They moved away to college (25%)
  • Busy with work (23%)

My favorite line, which is par for the Ed Stezer course was this one:

Lifeway's Ed Stetzer blames the losses on sorry youth ministry: "Too many youth groups are holding tanks with pizza," Stetzer said. "There's no life transformation taking place. People are looking for a faith that can change them and be part of changing the world."

Down with the holding tanks with Pizza! These kids wouldn't stand for it.