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POC Bundle - 2-24-2007

Pop Culture - Ubiquitous advertising...not sure if this is a real ad, but it is creative...and obnoxious.

Just for Fun - I definately misspell this word all the time.  Or is it definitely? Also, these are some very, very cool photos from around the world taken from the air.

Technology - Firefox just released an incremental version - - sounds like if you have Vista you should get it.  Though I'm not a gamer, those who follow the Xbox, PS3, Wii wars, this video is pretty funny (warning, there is some language which may be objectionable to some - nothing terrible, but one word at around 40s)

On Science - We need to see research like this succeed and form marketable sources of energy.  This is actually research I pray for.  Good for the planet, good for the wallet.  Greens and Supply Siders happy together as one big family.  Finally, some good news out of Florida for old people and brain function...Florida, too funny.